It's Time for Strange Science!

On Thursdays, we sometimes like to see what's going on in the world of science. Some of the stories are serious and informative, other stories and weird and strange! Some of the stories make us feel confused like this woman:

Here are some of the mysteries we dived into (Dived? Or is it dove? It's definitely not doven) in today's #StrangeScience segments:

  • Idaho is having a bunch of earthquakes and will not stop shaking...Strange!
  • Research and evidence shows that our human teeth evolved 400 million years ago in a STRANGE armored fish
  • Australia apparently has a STRANGE flesh-eating bacteria problem
  • Male hormones may cause men to become sicker from COVID-19. (A more serious topic, but still STRANGE!)

Get ready to blow your mind with our latest edition of #StrangeScience!

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