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#BoomShakaLakaThursday with Tim Kitzrow, the voice of NBA Jam!

A few weeks ago we started Boom Shaka Laka Thursday, because it's fun to say "BOOM SHAKA LAKA!!" and because why not? Last week Gary did a deep dive on the history of the phrase, going way back to a song from Sly and the Family Stone all the way up to the 90' s when the video game NBA Jam became a mega hit.

The "BOOM SHAKA LAKA!!!" line from NBA Jam became iconic and through our extensive research (We used Google) we discovered the man behind the voice, Tim Kitzrow.

Tim heard we did a segment on the history of Boom Shaka Laka and reached out to us! We got him on the phone today and talked to him about his work on NBA Jam, his current work with the NBA, and of course got some great sound drops out of him.

Check out our interview with Tim Kitzrow below! BOOM SHAKA LAKA!!!!

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Twitter: @Tim_Kitzrow


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