Dr. Michael Laurent on George Floyd, National Protests

Today in Minneapolis we saw the first of what will be a handful of memorial services for George Floyd. We heard from his family members, who shared stories about growing up and we got a closer look at George Floyd the man.

Meanwhile back at home, protests continued but they were not as big as they've been the last few days. Protesters marched to the front of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's house, another group marched in Burbank, and there was yet another group demonstrating in Santa Clarita.

We also learned that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is planning on cutting up to $150 million from LAPD's budget. It seems like officials are starting to enact real changes, but we'll have to see how things go moving forward.

Because the protests are such a major story right now, we've continued to discuss them with local leaders, marchers and academics. On the show today was Dr. Michael Laurent from Cal State Dominguez Hills, where he is the Chair of the Marital and Family Therapy Program. Dr. Laurent has been a professor and licensed psychologist/family therapist for over 25 years. He also specializes in African American Psychology and men's issues.

Listen to Shannon and Mo'Kelly's interview with Dr. Laurent below:

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