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Pastor Michael Barrett on Protesting and How Change Can Begin

This morning we spoke to Pastor Michael Barrett from Do-Right Christian Church in South Los Angeles. KFI reporter Kris Ankarlo encountered Pastor Barrett during yesterday's protest and march through Downtown Los Angeles.

Pastor Barrett said yesterday's protest was peaceful and diverse, full of men and women of all races coming together in support of a non-violent movement. This is definitely an interesting time in America, so what are the conversations we should be having going forward and what can be done?

Barrett believes change needs to start from the top, from the President and trickle down all the way down to our local elected officials.

"George Floyd's death was a moment where people said, 'You know what? Enough is enough.' The cries have gone out, and it appears that the cries for justice have been ignored."

He added:

"People are frustrated, and then on top of that you have COVID-19. People were isolated in their homes for almost two months and you let them out...everyone's angry, and I don't think it's the time for us to play politics. It's not the time for us to play into racism or hatred. Now is the time for this country to heal and say, 'Hey you know what? We've been wounded. How can we not over look the wound, but how can we patch that wound up to make us as individuals feel better?

Listen below to our full interview with Pastor Michael Barrett from Do-Right Christian Church:

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