#TechTalk - Marc Saltzman on Contact Tracing Apps

Today we continued last week's conversation with Marc Saltzman about Coronavirus contact tracing apps. The first group of states who released tracing apps are experiencing technical problems and a lack of interest from residents.

Apple and Google are working on their own their own tools to track COVID, but people are afraid these apps will lead to breaches in privacy. Not that we're all that private anymore, but there is still concern among the general public.

While the tech world figures out the best way to establish contact tracing apps, they also have to backtrack a bit when it comes to features like facial recognition. Remember when Apple did away with the click home button in favor of the fingerprint ID? Now the home button is gone entirely and new iPhones can use facial recognition to unlock the phone.

Those of you with this feature discovered quickly that the phone does not recognize your face with a mask on, so Apple's update is to just prompt you for a passcode. You could probably just take your mask off too.

It's not that hard people. Check out our latest segment with Marc Saltzman! You can follow him on Twitter @Marc_Saltzman and get more tech tips from him on his Tech It Out Podcast on iHeart Radio!

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