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#SmallBusinessShoutout - Cool Planet Water in Anaheim

Photo Courtesy - Cool Planet Water

Today's #SmallBusinessShoutout features Cool Planet Water in Anaheim! Cool Planet is a small family business run by Amanda Richart and her father. They provide jugless water coolers for offices, homes, etc. and market themselves as being more affordable and environmentally friendly than your typical jug-style water dispenser.

Amanda told us that because most office spaces are empty, Cool Planet's business has dropped dramatically. She and her family are also struggling to obtain any kind of help to keep the business afloat.

Here's some more info from Amanda:

Cool Planet Water is a small, family-owned business that was started over a decade ago after realizing how much households and businesses, in particular, were spending on something as basic as water. We wanted to provide an alternative to 5-gallon water jugs and individual bottles that would be significantly more affordable and environmentally conscious. So we started offering bottleless water cooler rentals with a focus on serving businesses in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and beyond. Rather than paying for a bottled water cooler and spending an additional $8-10 per 5-gallon jug, plus delivery and maintenance costs, Cool Planet Water offers bottleless water coolers that provide an unlimited supply of filtered drinking water all year long with a flat monthly fee. From small offices to large corporate campuses, warehouses to fitness centers, Cool Planet Water saves businesses hundreds or even thousands every year while allowing them to provide clean, safe drinking water for employees and customers. 
Because our focus is on serving businesses, we have been hit especially hard by Covid-19. With so many businesses closed or struggling during the shutdown, we have seen a huge drop-off in new customers. Rather than switching to a more affordable water delivery option like ours, many businesses are opting to cancel their services altogether while they wait to see if and when their business will make a comeback. We have lost dozens of customers because their businesses have actually permanently closed due to the economic impact of Covid-19. Thus far, we have not received any of the small business loans offered by the SBA through the CARES Act, so we are working hard to keep our business above water while we wait for the economy to start bouncing back.

Cool Planet is just one of many businesses who are struggling right now. If you are able to support them, get in touch at or give them a call at (866) 201-1919!

Contact info:

Website -

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Facebook: @CoolPlanetH20

Twitter: @CoolPlanetWater

Instagram - @CoolPlanetWater

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