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#TechTalk with Marc Saltzman - Tips to save you time and money

All of the tech in our life is super convenient, but sometimes its a pain in the butt and causes headaches. Our friend and tech expert Marc Saltzman (@marc_saltzman on Twitter) thought up 12 nifty "tech hacks" to save you time, money, and to keep you from wanting to through your phone across the room.

1 . Turn an ebook into an audio book

If you're an iPhone person, you can enable a feature called Speak Screen by going into Settings - Accessibility - Spoken Content - Speak Screen. After you've done that all you need to do is swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers on any page, and the onscreen text will be read to you!

Now you can finally finish War and Peace while you hang laundry on your Bowflex. This feature also works for Safari, so give it a shot and see if it will read this article out loud for you!

Here are some silly words: Collywobble! Cattywompus! Bumfuzzle! Did it work?

2 . Borrow ebooks and audio books from your library

Did you know you can do this? All you need is a library card and an app such as Libby or OverDrive on your smart phone or tablet. If you use a Kindle with an Amazon Prime membership you can also take advantage of Kindle Owners's Lending Library.

Bumbershoot! Is your phone still reading this for you?

3 . Never lose your AirPods!

Apple AirPods are expensive! The last thing you want to do is lose them. So if you own a Macbook, all you need to do is tap the pods near the top of the screen and let go. They'll stay right there thanks to the wonderful mystery of magnets (Magnets aren't really a mystery, they're actually very well understood. But still, they're crazy right?!).

Just remember to remove the pods before closing the lid. You can also just put your AirPods back in the charging case when you're not using them.

To hear all of Marc Saltzman's tips and tricks check out his interview below, and check out his article on USA Today to see all twelve!

Follow Marc on Twitter @marc_saltzman and listen to his Tech It Out podcast on iHeart Radio!

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