#SmallBusinessShoutout - Café Cola

Today's #SmallBusinessShoutout features Café Cola in Glendora! Café Cola is a small place run by Romel Gharagedaghi along with his "better half" Susana. Romel kind of fell into the restaurant business with his cousin a few years back, and things kind of took off organically.

Romel said learning the ropes of the business world was a challenge, but the food came naturally and the community responded. The crew at Café Cola know a lot of their customers by name!

Café Cola also prides itself on making pretty much whatever you want. They want you to have a good meal! The restaurant does have limited hours right now, so make sure you follow them on Instagram for all the latest information.

You can find them @cafe_cola

Check out our interview with Owner Romel Gharagedaghi:

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