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Coronavirus Won't Stop This Man's Quest To Find The Ultimate Cheesesteak

Photo Courtesy of James Pappas

Meet James Pappas. We found out about him from an article we came across yesterday in Delaware Online. The headline was "He's eaten nearly 600 cheesesteaks in two years. And the coronavirus pandemic isn't stopping him."

We were instantly intrigued and thought, "Yeah we need to get in touch with this guy." Who doesn't love a good Philly Cheesesteak?! And who decides to make it their mission to find the ULTIMATE cheesesteak?

James told us it all started 4 years ago:

After 25 years of marriage, and 25 years of corporate America, my kids were in college and my wife and I decided to split up. I was trying to find something to do.

James moved back to the Wilmington area where he met his new best friend and the two got some cheesesteaks. They started asking people where their favorite cheesesteaks were and went out to find them and eat them. James would ask his Uber and Lyft customers where their favorite spots were, and he knew right away from their passion describing the food that there was something to this.

Now that COVID-19 has affected so many businesses, it's a little harder for James to get a sandwich, but he's still out there grabbing food to-go. He's getting pretty close to 600 sandwiches!

James documents every sandwich in detail, which you can find on his website Probably the most interesting cheesesteak he's eaten had peanuts on it. He thought it was a joke, but it was for real! Check out our interview with James, and follow him along on his adventure. It's a nice distraction right now, and you can should find a cheesesteak spot in your area and give them your business during this tough time!

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