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Some Other Stories You May Have Missed

Today's show was dominated by news conferences. First we had President Trump (who went on for over two hours), then we listened into Governor Gavin Newsom and his panoply pipeline of words (take a shot every time he 'meets a moment'), and then we got our latest update from Los Angeles County officials and Dr. Barbara Ferrer.

"Do it for your Pop Pop" was the only good quote from any of those news conferences. Thank you United States Surgeon General Jerome Adams.

We did have a #SmallBusinessShoutout featuring Mr. Miche Michelada Mix, and there was an explosion at a power plant here in Burbank that shut our printers off for a second, but other than that did we even do a show?

We definitely did some stuff behind the scenes. First off, we listened to you guys and we had a ham delivered! Man that was some good ham.

We also took a picture of our shoes. We wanted to do fancy shoe day, but that didn't really work out as planned. Can you match the shoe to the member of the GaS crew?

We had a handful of fun stories that we wanted to get to but just didn't have time for. So after the show, we sat down with Jacob and went another seventeen and a half minutes just so we could talk about something different for once!

Here are some of the stories we've prepared for you:

  • America has a chicken wing surplus.
  • A Texas game warden busted a couple on a date for meth and illegal digging. Baby Yoda was also involved.
  • A civilian was accidentally ejected from a French fighter jet during a fly-along.
  • A NASA astronaut was busted for lying about accessing her ex-wife's bank account from Space.
  • A hit-and-run driver was found tied a pole at the scene of the crime
  • Yes it's COVID related, but Michigan is getting all kinds of strange 911 calls. They include cheesecake, underwear, and crab legs.

Let's get into it and have some fun!

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