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#TastyTuesday - Easter and Passover meals during Coronavirus

Shannon: Hey Nick?

Nick: Yeah Shannon?

Shannon: Which dessert is perfect for eating in bed?

Nick: ??????

Shannon: SHEET CAKE!

*Cue @ForkReporter theme song*

Our pal Neil Savvedra is here to discuss a couple of things. The first is local restaurants selling grocery items. Since we can't dine in anymore, the only ways a lot of small places are making money are from take-out and delivery, but that can only get you so far. If you've still got a working supply chain and an inventory you might as well sell some of produce you have!

Neil thinks it's a no-brainer, and since grocery stores are still out of a lot of items, a local restaurant may have what you're looking for! The second topic we got into was Easter and Passover food. We are living in such unprecedented times that the idea of not gathering with friends and loved ones over a holy meal seems bizarre. But unfortunately social distancing is a reality right now, and we have to get a little creative when it comes to family gatherings and food.

Neil's advice when it comes to this stuff? "Be flexible." Learn more from the wise Fork Reporter below!

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