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Making dinner tonight? Lazy Dog can help!

Restaurants big and small are hurting right now, but a lot of them are finding creative ways to keep business going and keep communities fed.

Today Lazy Dog Founder and CEO Chris Simms called the show to discuss some new offerings from the restaurant, like a $40 batch of kitchen essentials (including eggs, chicken and even toilet paper), and affordable family meal deals starting at $25 (fettuccine alfredo, club sandwiches, grilled lemon chicken and grilled bbq chicken).

If you're craving Lazy Dog, but still want to cook with the family, you can also buy a DIY meal kit! You can place orders for meal kits, pantry packs, and meal deal at and they'll bring it out to the car when you arrive.

For every family meal ordered, a meal will be donated to an organization serving those in need.

Learn more from Lazy Dog Found and CEO Chris Simms, and take a look at the DIY dinner kits!

1. The Pizza Night Kit for $35 (Makes two 12" pizzas and includes ingredients for caesar salad as well as freshly baked white chocolate chip brownies, yum!):

• Two balls of housemade pizza dough

• Marinara sauce

• Shredded mozzarella cheese

• Cup & char pepperonis

• Flour

• Three heads romaine lettuce

• Grated romano cheese

• Housemade caesar dressing

• Housemade croutons

• Fresh baked white chocolate chip brownies

(Instructions for making pizza at home included)

2. The Backyard BBQ Kit for $60:

• Two 10 oz certified angus beef flat iron steaks

• 8 nathan’s famous all-beef hot dogs

• 8 king’s hawaiian hot dog buns

• Shredded jack + cheddar cheeses

• Classic relish

• Housemade liquid blanket IPA mustard

• Ketchup

• Red potatoes

• DIY coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage, parsley, green onion, carrots)

• Housemade coleslaw dressing

• Whole jalapeños

• Fresh tomatoes

• Large yellow onion

(Instructions + tips for kit included)

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