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#TechTalk: Video Chatting, Staying Fit & Netflix and Party?!

Are you struggling to stay connected with friends and loved ones through this coronavirus pandemic? Well, you are in luck because we have some tips and tricks on how you can keep not only connected, but your sanity while being quarantined.

One of the best ways to stay connected with friends and family is through video chatting. Not only will this benefit your personal life, it will help make doctor visits, school and work more accessible during the quarantine.

This can be done through Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Facetime for Apple users. All of these services offer at least a free version of their software. So try one out today!

Do you not want to gain the corona 15, but don't have the motivation since your gym is closed? We have some great news for you!

There are apps that can make exercising at home a breeze and motivational. Both the 7 Minute Workout App and Tone it Up App will help you stay on track and either get in shape or prevent you from getting out of shape during these tuff times.

Use these apps and compete with friends or family to make it fun too!

Are you one of many Americans watching Netflix during the quarantine to pass time? Turns out you aren't alone! Netflix has said that they are having to reduce the quality of videos around the world to meet the growing demand of their services. But rest assured Netflix is here to help during these hard times.

Netflix, has launched Netflix party all you need is Google Chrome and a friend to watch virtually together and chat with your friend!

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