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#SmallBusinessShoutout - 24 Carrots Catering and Events

Right now many small businesses and restaurants are struggling, and are doing everything they can to stay afloat and help keep communities fed. Today we talked to Carizza Rose Villa from 24 Carrots Catering and Events in Costa Mesa, about what they're doing and how they're operating during this time of social distancing.

There are still ways you can support small business!

The following is a message from 24 Carrots:

Regardless of “physical-distancing”, community is more than just proximity, and we know the 24 Carrots family is a true community.
24 Carrots is a catering and hospitality company in Orange County. As a food facility, our standard practices have exceptional levels of heath code, hygiene, and safety to begin with. We’ve ramped up levels of sanitation even more as we’ve been tracking the CDC’s recommendations.
Because a lot of events have postponed due to COVID-19, we’re changing the recipe for success and turning it into a product that our local community can benefit from. We are honoring our commitment to the community by offering “Family Meals” to be will-called from our headquarters in Costa Mesa, or delivered locally to Orange County.
Ways to support local with 24 Carrots:
1)Place an order from 24 Carrots Family Meals
24 Carrots Family Meals is a will-call or delivery service focused on using local produce and fresh ingredients that we have access to exclusively as a food-service provider. As a caterer, we have the capacity to get meals out to people, and while we might not be ordering food for events at this time, we can certainly still feed and nourish our community!
Menus are live on our Instagram (@24carrotscatering) and the next week’s menus get posted every Thursday morning. We have a lot of people gifting meals for those in need or ordering for those high-risk members who can’t get to the store. You can order by emailinginfo@24carrots.comor calling in to 800.717.1545.
2) Place an order from Crafted
Crafted Meals is meal prep concept from 24 Carrots, with pre-portioned meals and a highlighting a health-conscious menu. This is a great option if you don’t have a full family to feed, and if you’re trying not to gain that Quarantine 15! Order online with 10% off or first-time guests at
3) Share on Social
Forward this message on to people you think could spread the word, and place orders. In a time like this, we find the best in us, and the best in each other. Hospitality has always been the heartbeat of 24Carrots. Right now, how the table is set looks a little different, but with the help of amazing clients and wonderful community, we’re still delivering what 24 Carrots is known for–phenomenal food and exceptional service.
Stay strong. Stay healthy. We’re in this together!


(714) 942-6000

(800) 717-1545


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