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Nine News Nuggets with Mo'Kelly!

It's Friday, so you know what that means. It's time for the Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know! @MrMoKelly joins us with the dipping sauces. These nuggets are fresh and HOT, so let's dive in!

Honorable Mention - North Korea's Kim sends 'get well soon' wishes for South's coronavirus battle

9 - Family accidentally buys 2,300 toilet rolls prior to national supermarket sell-out

8 – Cops take seized SUV for joyride; owner tracks car, locks them inside for 3 hrs

7 – Louisiana driver with license plate that expired in 1997 told police ‘I’ve been busy lately and totally forgot’

6 – Police: War re-enactor showed up to school drunk

5 – NYU Law video teaching about copyright was removed by YouTube for copyright infringement

4 – Police find meth and baby squirrel in woman’s purse during traffic stop

3 – Man who flirts with juror in baby murder case prompts mistrial

2 – Police: Man unhappy with karaoke song pulls gun in bar

1 - Yankees minor-league team quickly cancels ‘OJ Simpson Trial Night’

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