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#TechTalk: New Facebook Scam & Safeguarding Your Phone From Corona

Are you one of the many users that actively use Facebook Messenger?

WARNING: there is a new scam going around that clones your friends account and asks you to put your personal information into a phony website.

Here are a few tips to protect yourself from a scam:

  1. Never accept an invitation from someone you don't know.
  2. Do not click on suspicious links, even if it looks like they are being sent by a friend.
  3. Block suspicious users.
  4. Never wire money to anyone (even if they are a friend)

Do you want to Corona proof your Phone? If you're going to continue taking your phone in the bathroom, it is important to take some steps.

Here are a few tips to clean your device:

  1. To reduce scratches, use a microfiber cloth.
  2. Use a specific Tech cleaner and do not use soap and water.
  3. UV lights can be used to flash and kill bacteria.
  4. Antibacterial wipes can also be very effective.

Remember, your phone goes everywhere with you so it traps all sorts of germs and bacteria. Taking a few minutes out of your day to clean your device, can go a long way in preventing illnesses.

Marc Saltzman joins Garry and Shannon.

To learn more click here: Facebook Scams & Corona proofing your phone.

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