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Kris Ankarlo Talks About The History Of "Night Soil"

Have you dreamed about taking a dump outdoors as if you were camping? You may not, but one man has made it his mission to be one with the land when nature calls.

Masana Izawa, who is referred to as a Professional Fundoshi (a.k.a. "poop soil master") has been soiling outside since the 1970s. He first got involved in the practice when he was protesting a waste management plant.

Izawa's first time outdoors was not a big deal to him.

“Even though it was very different from the previous defecation in the toilet, it was not physically and mentally uncomfortable.”

In fact, Izawa has gotten so comfortable outdoors he can count the number of times he has used the bathroom indoors on his fingers and toes since 2000. (Hint...its less than 15.)

One of the reasons he prefers to poo in the great outdoors is to give back to the environment and other creatures. There are, however, several steps he takes when choosing a spot. He makes sure he is away from water sources so he doesn't contaminate water or land. When Izawa is finished with his business, he uses leaves and water to be as natural as possible.

Just remember if you're gonna try this at home, make sure you find some soft leaves first!

The night soiling expert, Kris Ankarlo, joined the show today. Listen below to hear his take on the potty practice.

To learn more about Izawa and his dedication to outdoor defecation, head over to Vice

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