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#TerrorInTheSkies: "You're Drunk!" "You're A Terrorist!"

If you thought that yesterday's #TerrorInTheSkies was confrontational, then you may want to secure your lap belt before you dive into this one.

It all went down on a flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

According to reports, the incident started when a woman confronted two women that were behind her for being loud and obnoxious after drinking on the flight. A passenger told Daily Mail that the lady was concerned about the children on the flight.

"The two ladies were drunk and were talking so loudly and cursing. The lady across from me asked them to be quiet because of the kids on the plane and that's when the fight started."

There is no definitive confirmation as to whether the women were in drunk or not, but they did not take too kindly to the other woman's request.

Yep. You heard that correctly.

She called her a terrorist.

And although one of the women made multiple insinuations that she was going to continue the fight once they got off of the plane, it appears that the airline allowed all of the women to depart the flight and leave without arresting them or pressing charges.

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