Hey Y'all it's Fat Bear Week!

You've heard of, "fairest of them all" but how about, "fattest of them all?" Well everyone it's Fat Bear Week! An estimation of 2,000 bears inhabit Katmai National & Preserve in Southwest Alaska. In preparation for hibernation, every summer coastal brown bears along the Brooks River get nice and plump eating mostly sockeye salmon. Because of this, there is a plethora of fat bears roaming the 4-million-acre planes of Katamai National & Preserve. Fat Bear Week is a contest where fans can vote on their most favorite fat bear. This exciting week, which started October 2nd and ends tomorrow October 8th, creates public awareness of bears and conservation.

Out of the 2,000 bears,12 bears were chosen for the competition. The 12 eventually dwindle down to one grand winner. Naomi Boak, Katami Conservancy media ranger states, "This isn't fat shaming, it is fat glorifying as the biggest bear has done the best job getting ready." Of course, Boak is referring to getting ready for hibernation. In addition, Boak states that last year there were 56,000 votes last year but the votes exceeded that number within the first two days. The winner will be announced tomorrow!

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