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Big Guy Is A Savior To Little Dogs!

Bobby Humphreys was always an animal lover, but he always had big dogs, Rottweilers to be exact. In fact, he used to make fun of people who owned tiny dogs.

But after his marriage of 17 years ended suddenly and unexpectedly, Bobby fell into a deep depression.

One day, his friend Connie, who had always stood by him, asked him if he could help her with a favor.

Connie's son was in cancer treatment and they needed to move to a new apartment. Unfortunately, the place she found didn't allow dogs, so they couldn't bring her son's little Chihuahua, Lady. Because she had to move so quickly, she asked Bobby if Lady could stay with him indefinitely, until she can find a new place that allowed dogs. She warned Bobby that Lady was very attached to her and her son and generally didn't like other people, especially men. Bobby said that he didn't hesitate and told Connie, of course.

Connie dropped Lady off one day while Bobby was out, and when he came home, he saw Lady in her kennel looking up at him. Bobby remembered what Connie said about Lady not liking people, especially men, but he thought to himself, 'well, I'm going to let her out, even if she bites me.'

But Lady didn't bite him. She accepted him and sat on his lap and cuddled with him. Connie was absolutely shocked, because Lady really didn't like men at all!

Over the next few months, as Bobby battled depression, Lady simply wasn't having it. She demanded his attention, she wanted to play, eat, cuddle and slowly Bobby realized that Lady was saving him. She taught him how to love again. But knowing Lady wasn't his dog, he decided to venture out and help rescue other little ones that needed homes. He would find chihuahuas being sold cheap on Craigslist and was shocked at their conditions, and that's when he put his mind to helping as many of them as he could manage.

So, Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary was born at Bobby's home in Maryland, with a mission to help chihuahuas that are abused, neglected, abandoned or have special needs. It's a not-for-profit organization that is funded largely by Bobby through his work doing high-end, custom flooring jobs, but so many generous people have donated money, food, beds, blankets and toys to help care for the more than 30 chihuahuas that currently reside at the sanctuary.

And by the way, Lady is still there! Connie and her son have moved in with Bobby, rent free, to help him run the sanctuary.

If you'd like to help Bobby continue his dream of helping the little ones he says saved his life, CLICK HERE to find out how you can help or donate directly to their care .

Check out their website and follow their antics daily on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube !

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