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Make Your Picks for Gary and Shannon's Baby Animal Bracket!

Gary and Shannon's Baby Animal Bracket returns!

It's that magical time of year again.

You've spent hours researching the players and the teams. You know all their strengths and all their weaknesses. And now, you're on the precipice of bringing glory to your name as you fill out the most important bracket of your life.

We're talking of course, about Gary and Shannon's Third Annual Baby Animal Bracket Madness!

This year, we're back with some of the cutest baby animals you'll ever see. From Baby Goats, to Bunnies and Turtles, the competition is extra fierce, extra cuddly, and extra cute this year.

It's just EXTRA all around.

You've spent the last 365 days carefully planning your bracket and now it's your chance to claim bragging rights.

Last year, the #16 seeded Baby Goat proved he was the G.O.A.T. by winning 2018's championship in a Cinderella story that this writer, has never seen before. The Baby Goat's big win last year was all anyone could talk about, so expectations are high for "The Kid."

The #1 seed has some heavy competition this year. We're seeing some big things out of a young prospect, the Baby Giant Otter, who has become a crowd-favorite in the run-up to the big dance. Another strong competitor is The Baby Tamandua. While he has low name recognition, he's been a literal beast in workouts. Analysts expect the animal native to southeastern Mexico to march his way deep into the competition.

This week is your chance to choose your brackets! Next week the games begin! Remember, to choose wisely!

Gary and Shannon's Baby Animal Bracket - Thumbnail Image

Gary and Shannon's Baby Animal Bracket

Special thanks to the Los Angeles Zoo for providing some of the photos for the Baby Animal Bracket!

Photos: L.A. Zoo, Getty Images, Unsplash Wikimedia

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