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#TerrorInTheSkies: Lap Dances and Drunken Fights


A woman on a flight to Ibiza got a little too rowdy a few weeks ago...

According to other passengers on board, she was highly intoxicated before they even took off (now that's just smart!), but then continued to drink the entire flight... Well, maybe not so smart.

But then things went a little too far for some people...

She was apparently having such a great time that she then decided to pull "her boobs out" and began "giving lap dances."

One of the guys on the flight recalled what went down during the flight:

"We got on the plane and her friends were all seated at the back, and she was at the front amongst guys who were giving her more drink.

She was up lap-dancing on them and she got her boobs out, and she was a mess the whole time. She was also doing cartwheels down the aisle of the plane while we were flying along.

There was no proper trouble, everyone was just a bit fed up with her. It was a late night flight as well, we took off at about 10pm I think.

She was just drinking more and more on the flight and then when we were coming in for landing, obviously you have to put your seat belts on, she didn’t."

Read the full story on Unilad.

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