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#TechTalk: What To Do Before You Get A New Phone

In the market for a new phone? 

Or maybe just dreaming of trading your old one in for the newest version?

Getting a new phone can be exciting, but there's a few things you should do before you get rid of the one you have now...

  • Back up your phone!!!! 

This one is super important. Trust me, you will miss all of those pictures, videos, and personal information once it's gone. You can move all of your data onto your new phone, or you can even back it all up to a computer or storage device. Either way, definitely make sure you keep all of the files and memories you've made on your old phone from disappearing forever!

  • Wipe your data clean. 

This is especially important if you plan on trading your phone in. This helps protect any personal information you had on your phone before it gets into the hands of someone else. You can simply do a factory reset on the phone, just make sure you encrypt it first!

Marc Saltzman joined the show today to make sure your transition from old-phone to new-phone goes smoothly. Take a listen below!

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