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#TastyTuesday: The Great Mayo Debate With The @ForkReporter

Are you a fan of mayonnaise?

Shannon says YES!

Gary says it's gonna be a no from him...

And the @ForkReporter thinks "it's a beautiful thing..."

No matter where you stand on "The Great Mayo Debate", it seems that mayonnaise is the one condiment that everyone either loves or HATES!

And now, people are starting to blame millennials for the slow and painful death of mayo...

"I racked my brain for the source of this generational disconnect. And then, one holiday weekend, while surveying the condiments set out at a family burger bash, I found it. On offer were four different kinds of mustard, three ketchups (one made from, I kid you not, bananas), seven sorts of salsa, kimchi, wasabi, relishes of every ilk and hue …

What was missing, though, was the common foundation of all Mom’s picnic foods: mayonnaise. While I wasn’t watching, mayo’s day had come and gone. It’s too basic for contemporary tastes — pale and insipid and not nearly exotic enough for our era of globalization. Good ol’ mayo has become the Taylor Swift of condiments."

Take a listen to what Gary, Shannon, and the @ForkReporter have to say about all of this:


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