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Woman Pays Strangers Tab At Convenience Store, Learns It's Keith Urban

A New Jersey woman was in line at a Wawa convenience store on Friday when she noticed a man struggling to pay, and decided to step in to help.

Over the past few years, one of Ruth Reed's favorite hobbies has been paying for random people's purchases at Wawa, something she openly tries to do at least once a week.

But this time, she had no clue she was offering to help a celebrity pay for his things.

“It looked like he was using a card and it didn’t go through," Reed told CBS Philly, "and then he asked a young lady for $5 and I thought this is it so I said, ‘No, I’ll get it."

Reed and her husband usually watch for military people to help in these situations, but as she was helping the man pay on Friday, she said she couldn't help but notice that he looked a little familiar...

So she kindly asked for his name.

"He said, ‘Ruth, I’m Keith,’ and I said, ‘That’s who you look like, Keith Urban. Do people ever tell you that you look like Keith Urban?’ And he said, ‘I am Keith Urban,’ and I said, ‘No you’re not really?”

But Reed didn't immediately believe him.

I mean... who would?! 

What are the chances you'd ever find the very rich and famous Keith Urban at a convenience store asking others for spare change?

So she asked the question we all would have been wondering -

So... if you're Keith Urban... who is that woman standing next to you? And where is your wife Nichole?!

Urban explained he was with his sister, and told Reed that if she didn't believe him, she could just ask his body guard for proof.

“It was then I realized what an idiot I was,” she said.

Reed shared the unexpected experience on her Facebook page later that day, and says that the country star was very "gracious" to her and her act of kindness:

"For three years I have made a resolution to once a week treat someone at WAWA. Occasionally it happens more than once a week. Last night at trivia, Richard, Mike, Shana, Hayley, and Tim gave me the extra $ to use a WaWa. This man was short a few dollars, he asked a lady with him if she had money. I jumped in and said I would pay and explained why. He thanked me and asked my name. I asked him his and he told me it was Keith. I said that he did look like Keith Urban, he said he was. I didn't believe him, I asked where Nicole was and who was the lady. He told me it was his sister. He finally said that I could ask his bodyguard. It was then I realized what an idiot I was. He graciously allowed me to get my picture taken with him. Another Ruth Reed moment!"

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