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Man In Custody For Predicting Holy Jim Fire, Saying "This Place Will Burn"

A 51-year-old man was taken into custody late Tuesday after suspicions were raised on his involvement in the Holy Jim fire.

Forrest Gordon Clark was arrested because he sent threatening emails warning "this place will burn", and is being charged with two counts of arson, one count of felony threat to terrorize, and one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest, according to the Orange County Register.

Clark lives in a cabin in the area where the flames have destroyed almost everything, except for his home.

Clark sent threatening emails to Volunteer Fire Cheif Milligan last week before the fire, predicting Holy Jim would burn.

“He has issues,” Milligan said. “I hope they get him.”

Milligan said that Clark also ran through the community last week, causing a scene and "screaming".

He is also known to have had a decade-long feud with his neighbor and other cabin owners in the neighborhood.

Officers even said he tried taking off his camouflage underwear at one point on Tuesday during the arrest.

Clark is expected to be back in court on Thursday.

Read more on this developing story at The Orange County Register. 

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