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#MugshotOfTheDay: 92-Year-Old Woman Kills Son Over Nursing Home

Anna Mae Blessing - Courtesy of Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Office

(Anna Mae Blessing - Courtesy of Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Office)

You know what, Anna Mae?

I get it.

You're only 92 years old.

Why should you have to get shipped off to some assisted living home?

Why should you have to lose your independence??

Why should you have to lose your freedom???

Everyone knows 92 is the new 22!

I understand why you hid two pistols in your robe.

I understand why you went into your 72-year-old son's bedroom and told him that you were tired of how he was treating you.

I understand why you shot and killed him.

I understand why you turned the gun on his girlfriend, because we all know she was just another oppressor in your life.

And when the police arrived and removed you from your recliner, I'm glad you told the world the truth.  I'm glad that you let them know what they all needed to know.  I'm glad you said, "You took my life, so I’m taking yours."

Prison can't contain you, Anna Mae!

*If you didn't recognize the sarcasm in all of those words, please read it again, knowing the tone...*

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