Writers Strike: will they or won't they?

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Matt Belloni, Executive Director of The Hollywood Reporter joins Gary and Shannon at 11:35a to talk about the looming writers strike. 

The Hollywood Reporter reports that a day after a group of nine actors, including former SAG president Ed Asner, sent SAG-AFTRA a long letter alleging “breach of fiduciary duties” and threatening litigation, the union Saturday slammed the missive as “a fantasy [of] discredited claims [by] serial litigants.”

The letter, several of whose signatories were plaintiffs in one or more of 5 other lawsuits over the previous 15 years against their own union, could complicate SAG-AFTRA’s pending negotiations with the studios. 

“This group of people should be deeply ashamed,” said SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “After years of failed attempts to derail the success of this union through deceitful litigation, they are putting our members at risk on the eve of our most important contract negotiations. Their repeated pursuit of frivolous politics merits utter contempt.”

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