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Episode 410 – Season 4 Finale

Episode 409 - Fighting Cybercrime

Sergeant Pete Hish joins the show to discuss efforts to prevent and stop cybercrime. Hish works in the LA County Sheriff’s Department’s Fraud and Cybercrimes Bureau. Hish not only outlines some interesting cases he also offers some advice on how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of cybercrime. Hish also talks about the tools he uses to track hackers and those who target the vulnerable. He also talks about Satoshi, the black Labrador trained to sniff out electronics. Toshi, as he’s known, was sworn in as a deputy with the department and Sgt. Hish is his handler.

Episode 408 - Wildfire Arson Investigation

As part of our Crime Fighter Series, we talk with United States Forest Service Captain and Arson Investigator Russel Tuttle. Tuttle is a 16-year veteran of the United States Forest Service, who has received numerous awards for his work and outstanding performance. Captain Tuttle walks us through the 2014 “Colby Fire” that burned 2,000+ acres in the Angeles National Forest. Tuttle talks about how they were able to determine the cause and origin of the fire, and eventually how they found the people responsible for igniting it. Tuttle also made it possible for Steve to attend the annual Wildfire Arson Investigation School at an undisclosed location in Riverside County – a first for a journalist. The federal program teaches forensic techniques to the next generation of arson investigators. Keep an eye out for that future episode.

Episode 407 - The $10 Million Fugitive

Nemesio Osegura-Cervantes, also known as, “El Mencho” is the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), considered the largest drug cartel in the world. Officials say the CJNG is responsible for more than one third of all the illegal drugs entering the United States and has a huge footprint on illicit drugs coming into Southern California. DEA Agent Kyle Mori has been tracking El Mencho for years and gives us an update on the progress his team has made. He also tells us about the connection between El Mencho and the LA-area. Plus, we recap the bizarre moment when Unsolved was on the radar of people in El Mencho’s hometown of Zapopan in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Episode 406 - A Murderous Hail Mary.

Case #1: On November 4th, 1969 at 7:40 AM, 14-year-old Janasul ‘Jan’ Roseana Marsh was found face down near a home in Lynwood. Detectives say she was strangled with a polo shirt. Jan had a reputation of hanging with the wrong crowd, including older men. At one point there were more than 20 persons of interest, including a few women. What made this case even more complicated is the Lynwood Police Department disbanded in 1977 and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department picked up the case, forcing a transfer of boxes of evidence and files, a lot of which were misplaced. Case #2: 19-year-old Michelle Diaz had 2 jobs and had applied to Arizona State University to pursue a medical career. On November 21, 2020, Diaz was shot and killed in front of a home on 106th Street in Unincorporated Los Angeles. Investigators say there were many witnesses, but none are willing to come forward.

Episode 405 - Car Trunk Murder.

In the summer of 2005, the body of 15-year-old Yanely Ulloa was found stuffed into the trunk of a BMW. The car had been illegally parked for days at a red curb in front of a fire hydrant, within plain view of the Pomona Police Department. A passerby called the police complaining of a strong stench coming from the car. The body had gone undetected for days inside the trunk in the sweltering heat. Investigators quickly honed in on Yanely's boyfriend as a person of interest, the problem was, the boyfriend and his family took off to Mexico before detectives could track them down. In this episode we speak with the original detective and Yanely’s brother who remembers the day he heard about his sister.

Episode 404 - Deadly Crosswalk / Bizarre Shooting

Case #1 begins in Panorama City, California where a 65-year-old Census volunteer was struck and killed by a driver who ignored her presence in a well-marked crosswalk. The Los Angeles Police Department has a blurry photo of what they believe to be the car that hit the woman. Case #2 takes us to the parking lot of a liquor store in Lynwood, California where a homeless man was shot by the driver of a sedan. Detectives with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department say just prior to the shooting, surveillance video shows a bizarre chain of events that ended with the homeless man at the passenger side window of the car and the driver shooting from the driver’s seat.

Episode 403 - You Don't Belong Here!

June 10, 2013, 29-year-old Johnny Ray Richards and a friend decided to drive to a video rental store in La Puente. Johnny was looking for a specific movie that only this store had in stock. His friend warned Johnny of the danger of going into ‘gang territory’ but Johnny reassured his friend that he knew some side streets that would avoid any exposure. Little did they know someone passed by them in another car, flipped a U-turn and tracked them one street over. A person in that car went ahead and waited for Johnny and his friend at a stop sign. When Johnny pulled up to the stop, a man opened fire killing Johnny and wounding his friend. People in the neighborhood not only saw what happened but know the shooter.

Episode 402 - Too Young To Die

Case #1: November 7th, 1990, 14-year-old Maribel Perez was found strangled to death on the floor of her bedroom in East Los Angeles. Investigators say Perez was known to hang out with gang members and may have been dating one. But 27 separate search warrants and blood tests revealed that a gang member was not a likely suspect.

Case #2: 19-year-old Michelle Diaz had 2 jobs and had applied to Arizona State University to pursue a medical career. On November 21, 2020, Diaz was shot and killed in front of a home on 106th Street in Unincorporated Los Angeles. Investigators say there were many witnesses, but none are willing to come forward.

Episode 401 - The Black Dahlia

January 15th, 1947, the body of Elizabeth Short was found mutilated. Someone had performed an hemicorporectomy, the act of cutting a body in half at a specific point of the body. The woman who first spotted the body in a vacant lot thought it was a mannequin, mostly because the skin color was so pale, a result of Short’s fluids and blood being completely drained from her body. In this episode we speak with Steve Hodel, a retired detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. Not only is Hodel fascinated by the case, he also has a personal connection.