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Hour 3 | New And Cool Appliances @ConwayShow

Hour 2 | Mysogenic @ConwayShow

There are so many bears around nowadays. What do they eat? // Dave Portnoy is back in the news.// Dancing with the Stars is postponed due to the strike. // People writing letters on dumb parked cars.

Hour 1 | Chase At The Top @ConwayShow

Grand Theft car chase in LA // Disneyland might be building three new lands. // WGA and AMPTP are hopeful to come to a contract agreement; Breaker-Breaker 123! // Los Angeles is the capital of car chases; The POWERBALL is $725 million, with the drawing happening on Saturday; Beverly Hills bans the possession of silly string on Halloween.

Hour 1 | Out Of The Box @ConwayShow

Does Taylor Swift have a new boo? // Where are the nicest cities in the U.S.? // Steve Gregory joins Tim to give an update on the press conference of the suspected killer of the Palmdale officer. // Breaks are fun during the show. Tim sees some cool people in the halls of KFI.

Hour 2 | Boost Or No Boost? @ConwayShow

Dr. Ray Casciari joins Tim to give a Q&A about the new COVID booster. // CONT: Dr. Ray Casciari joins Tim to chat about who can get the COVID booster and who shouldn’t. // Let's support the Clinkunbroomer family in their time of grief. // Tim said, “Let's do a whip around.” Bellio, Kiki, and Foosh were ready but were left hanging!

Hour 3 | We Missed Jay Leno's Call! @ConwayShow @OrnyAdams

This is Orny Adams, and you are listening to Six Four Zero AM KFI. // TIM HAS BREAKING NEWS… but it is not in the drive just yet…; Now Tim got to the whip around. // Orny Adams is on with Tim, and Jay Leno tried to get on the air with them! // Orny has a podcast, and he will be performing in Bellflower on September 23!

Hour 1 | Auditions & Injuries @ConwayShow @MarkTLive

It’s Thompson Tuesday! What’s in the news? // Mark had a BIG audition, but it’s a secret, hush-hush. // Monday Night Football: Browns vs. Steelers Nick Chubb injury. // Vana White renews her contract for two more years, and Ryan Seacrest is going to replace Pat Sajak next season; Nick Chubb received an awful injury during last night’s Monday Night Football.

Hour 2 | Jail Friend @ConwayShow @MarkTLive

Steven A. Smith talking about all of Nick Chubb’s CLs // Gas prices are too high! LA is over $6/gallon! // Adam Sandler tickets are going for how much?! // Producer Kiki drops the deets about her wedding; Tim talks about his childhood friend that is in the Corcoran Jail.

Hour 3 | Careful With The Toast @ConwayShow @MarkTLive

A Patriots fan loses his life after an altercation with a Miami Dolphins fan.// FanDuel loses $20 million due to bettors taking advantage of a favorable NFL bet. // Americans are changing their breakfast habits by bailing on cereal. // FanDuel loses $20 million due to bettors taking advantage of a favorable NFL bet.

Hour 1 | KFI Is Here To Stay @ConwayShow

KFI LIVES TO THIS DAY! After changing up our schedule back in January, we are doing really well over here as an AM station! // Religious radio thrives in the middle of nowhere. It’s soothing; Tim wants to see the trainwreck that is the Drew Barrymore Show.// Today's tip: when you work for big companies, dress like an adult; What is the first thing you do with the money when you rob a bank?
// Tim recaps the Drew Barrymore Show drama.