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Hour 1 | LAPD Chief Michael Moore Joins Us @ConwayShow @MarkTLive

Hour 2 | Using Ozempic For Addictions @ConwayShow @MarkTLive

Coastal Eddie is a hacky thing that Fritz uses...RH Negative or Irish Negative
Rain coming in / Fireworks // Ozempic helps kick addictions / Mark’s Voice-over for Daytona 500 / Man suing Powerball // Atmospheric River hits CA again / Pool owners – Average pool owner uses their pool 6 times a year

Hour 3 | Storm Update @ConwayShow @MarkTLive

Rain and snow expected throughout Southern California until Wednesday morning.

The Royal Caribbean has the largest crews ship in the world aiming to reduce food waste

Pickle ball injuries have soared in numbers across the country.

Hour 1 | Trash Can Etiquette @ConwayShow

Worst Movie Sequels / Storms a coming / Sinkhole Skirball on 405 // Sepulveda Basin closed due to flooding / Rancho Palos Verdes // Storm watch Inland Empire // People putting their dog’s poop in your trashcan / Bean bag ashtrays

Hour 2 | A Bit Of Laryngitis @ConwayShow

Evelyn Taft KCAL Meteorologist on the storm // Riverside jewelry store robbed // Storm San Clemente landslide / AMtrak pacific surfliner / Hawaiian islands moving 13.5 closer to Japan / Inland Empire Snow Mountain High // Snow in Wrightwood / laryngitis let’s learn more / You’re “flooding it”

Hour 3 | Barkley Blasts San Francisco @ConwayShow

Charles Barkley blasts San Francisco at All-Star Game, saying "It's full of homeless crooks"

Flash Flood evacuation warning in effect for parts of LA County as storm brings more rain. High tides and surf warning for coastal cities including Manhattan Beach.

Creme Pan Bakery in Tustin voted the #1 Bakery in California by Yelp.

Hour 1 | Santa Anita Pay @ConwayShow

3.8 Earthquake in Inland Empire / Eating in Bed / Tim’s Keycard didn’t work // Northridge shooting suspect found dead after-hours long search // Elex Michaelson – Superbowl talk / WHIP: how much did the daily double pay at Santa Anita

Hour 2 | Tagged Towers Fenced @ConwayShow

Crews begin to surround DTLA's tagged towers" with fencing

Pacific Palasades Chapel closes due to land movement causing over 175 weddings and special events to be canceled.

Hour 3 | Chapel Closure @ConwayShow

Rancho Palos Verdes Wafarer Chapel will remain closed due to land movement.

175 weddings and special events had to be canceled due to closure.

'Peanuts' first Black character "Franklin" gets his moment in the spotlight

Hour 1 | More on The Kansas City Parade Shooting @ConwayShow

Today Police san they have determined it was a dispute between several people that led to the mass shooting at the end of yesterday's Kansas City Chiefs victory celebration.

It was a street crime with innocent bystanders who got caught in the gunfire including a radio DJ and nearly two dozen others injured.

Breaking News- A high speed pursuit unfolds which ended in South Gate.