Tim Conway Jr

Tim Conway Jr

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Hour 1 | LAUSD Recap @ConwayShow

Hour 2 | LAUSD Press Conference @ConwayShow

Mayor Bass gives update on LAUSD agreement // More on LAUSD press conference // Recap of LAUSD agreement

Hour 3 | Some March Madness Chat @ConwayShow

San Diego State Wins // Sports talk // LA Woman Quits Job on Mission to Find her Missing Dog While Rescuing Other Dogs // No more food...ever!

Hour 1 | Don't Call Me Shirley @ConwayShow

GUEST: ALEX STONE on Southwest captain falls unconscious mid-flight as other pilot takes over swiftly // Biker rescued from a fall into a river, Caltrans closure to fix potholes, Cali Tornados // Blockbuster Movie's potential comeback? // Lexus Goes Electric as they launch their battery-power crossover.

Hour 2 | Animal Foster Tips @ConwayShow

More Rain En Route/National Puppy Day // Listener Calls: Fostering Pets/Adoption // Manhattan Beach Robbery/Tim’s tips on worst places to commit robberies // Strom Screen door/ Chris Little’s Costa Rica Vacay

Hour 3 | No Microfiber For Tim @ConwayShow

GUEST: Tim Kates talks sports // GUEST: Dean Sharp on Spring cleaning and maintenance // GUEST: Petros on Blockbuster // GUEST: Petro 2nd segment/ Mo Kelly

Hour 1 | Tornado In California! @ConwayShow

Blake Troli on Tornado damages // Tornado damages in Montebello // Burbank Airport / Southwest / LAUSD Day 2 Strike // More storm coming in the Valley

Hour 2 | F The Rainbow @ConwayShow

NWS Presser on Tornado in Montebello // Tornado in Montbello / Close call at Burbank Airport / Michelin adds CA restaurants to guide // Rainbows and Ray – Cameron Diaz / Tim scammed on movie set // Salani Steak house WHIP How much? $75

Hour 3 | Wrong Way Driver Solution @ConwayShow

Destination weddings // San Bernardino Storms // Wrong way drivers // Cookies from Listener / Mo Kelly

Hour 1 | Babysitting Some iHeart Kids @ConwayShow

4Alex Stone – Day 1 of LAUSD Strike // Weather Alert/ LAUSD Iheart kids in the studio // Storm dumping in Thousand Oaks / Rain fall LA to SD // Weather Alert