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93 Year Old Man Summits Yosemite's Half Dome With Son and Granddaughter

Camping in Yosemite Woods

Photo: Robert Holmes / Corbis Documentary / Getty Images

Cheers echoed from Half Dome in Yosemite National Park as 93-year-old Everett Kalin reached the summit.

This is not the first time Kalin set a hard goal for himself. He jumped out of a plane two years ago for his birthday.

"I went up to the airport in Novato, got in the plane, the guy got on my back and up we went, down we went and I liked that a lot." said Kalin.

His son, Jon, who is an avid backpacker, was very proud of his father.

"He kept going stretch by stretch, further and further, and just incredible to see him assembling those cables." recalled Jon.

He began training for the climb by scaling the stairs of his 17-floor senior living community with the blessing of his wife, Clara. Everette his son and his granddaughter, Sidney broke up the 13 hour trek over few days to reach the summit as a family.

"I guess I was pleasantly surprised that when I got up there, I did not feel like I was huffing and puffing so much. As we went up, it felt pretty good." explained Kalin

The world is now weighing in with much respect.

"It was spectacular for the three generations of us to be together enjoying it all at once." said Jon

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