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Police Hunt Down Dinosaur Following Heist


Photo: Getty Images

Police have hunted down a velociraptor that was stolen from outside an arts and science center.

A security officer spotted three people carrying the statue away from the Washington Pavillion and called police just after midnight.

"When opening the door, detectives could clearly see the velociraptor was sitting right inside." said poice Sgt. Aaron Benson.

Police detained the three suspects on charges of grand theft. Benson said one was 18, another 19, and the third a juvenile.

"Fortunately, the statue was not damaged," said Madelyn Grogan, the Pavillion's director of education, programming, and exhibits.

The organization did not provide any information on the size or weight of the statue. Officials are evaluating how they can better secure the dinosaur statue. It was one of two velociraptors featured outside as part of the collection of dinosaur statues; one perched on the roof of the building,looking out at the city, and the other was almost disrectly below.

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