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‘Signs of life’ at Site of Missing Titan

Richard Garriott, the president of the Explorers Club, of which Hamish Harding was a member, has released a statement saying there is “cause for hope” in the search and rescue mission.

“There is cause for hope, based on data from the field – we understand that likely signs of life have been detected at the site,” his tweeted statement reads.

Rolling Stone reported that sounds had been detected in 30-minute intervals near where the vessel disappeared, according to internal email updates sent to US Department of Homeland Security leadership and obtained by the publication.

Tim Conway Jr. spoke with Retired Nasa astronaut Colonel Terry Virts, whose friend Hamish Harding is one of five crew members trapped in the ‘Titan’ Submersible. Harding had messaged Col. Virts right before the voyage.

Hamish's text read: 'Hey, we're headed out tomorrow, it looks good, the weather's been bad so they've been waiting for this.'

On July 9-11, 2019, 50 years after man first walked on the Moon, Action Aviation Chairman Hamish Harding and former International Space Station Commander Col. Terry Virts broke the Round-the-World record for any aircraft flying over the North and South poles in a Qatar Executive Gulfstream G650ER ultra long-range business jet. The attempt pushed the boundaries of human ingenuity - just like the Apollo 11 mission half a century ago.

Col. Virts is holding hope the crew will be rescued-

"There is hope because we haven't gotten any bad news. No wreckage found, no debris floating, no crushing or explosions that we could hear. Lack of bad news is the best news we've gotten..."

In addition to Harding, French explorer Paul-Henri Nargeolet, OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush and Shahzada Dawood, 48, a UK-based board member of the Prince's Trust charity, and his son Sulaiman Dawood, 19, are reported to be the people stuck in the 'Titan' sub. 


In the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, a submarine designed for tourist expeditions to the historic Titanic wreckage has mysteriously vanished.

OceanGate Expeditions, the operator of this small submersible craft, offers an exclusive opportunity for individuals to personally explore the legendary shipwreck, with a price tag of $250,000 per person.

On Monday, officials from the Coast Guard officially acknowledged the ongoing search efforts to locate the missing submarine.

OceanGate expressed their utmost commitment to ensuring the safe return of the crew, stating that they are actively exploring and mobilizing all available resources. The company has not confirmed whether any tourists were on board the submarine.

Pictured left to right

Mark Thompson, Hamish Harding, Jannicke Mikkelsen, Retired NASA Col. Terry Virts and Tim Conway Jr.

Circa 2019

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