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Ex San Bernadino Deputy Speaks Out After Her Attacker Found Not Guilty

Not Guilty verdict

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A Victorville man accused of attempted murder and assault with a firearm on a peace officer has been found not guilty on both charges, despite the attack being caught on video.

"Disbelief, I didn't believe it. I think it took a couple hours for it to actually hit me." recalls Meagan McCarthy, the deputy injured in the attack.

"I make it just to the driveway and he confronts me head on. He's very, very angry; he's very upset. His fists are clenched. I walked around behind him, and puts his hands at the small of his back. I tell him to relax, it's OK, ask him what's going on, just pat him down for weapons and that set him off and began the assault. I turn and I tun for the nearesr cover I can find which is a bush. And I hear a gunshot go off, and I knew he was shooting at me" McCarthy said.

The suspect Ari Young, suffers from schizophrenia. He was found guilty of negligent discharge of a firearm. The jury hung on three other charges: battery against a peace officer, and removal of an officer's sidearm and resisting arrest.

The San Bernardino County District Attorney's office said there's a pretrial hearing set for June 30 on the three charges in which the jury was unable to determine verdicts.

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