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Danville Man Brutally Beaten Over Eating Hotdog in Costco Parking Lot

A guy from Danville, CA. is recuperating from a brutal beating on Sunday over a parking space dispute at a local Costco.

"I'm feeling like a truck ran me over. My whole body hurts," shared Craig Blackburn.

The incident occurred just before 11:30 a.m. on Sunday at the Fostoria Way Costco.

Blackburn said he had just finished shopping and was loading his car while munching on a Costco hotdog when another driver waiting for his spot became impatient, hurled insults, and told him to hurry up.

"Some guy in a car made a few comments about my weight and eating a hotdog, and he wanted my parking spot and told me to hurry up," Blackburn said. "I told him to find another spot."

Blackburn said the driver refused to move, and other drivers started honking their horns. The driver parked elsewhere, but the altercation was not over.

"He was looking for a fight," Blackburn said.

The driver returned to find Blackburn as he was preparing to leave.

"He reached in and snatched my sunglasses and threw them on the ground. So I got out of the car, and I didn't get a chance to do anything. He just attacked me," Blackburn said.

Blackburn was treated at the location and then transported by ambulance to the hospital.

A spokesperson for Danville authorities stated that officers were called about the supposed attack, but no arrests have been made.

"The case is presently under investigation and will be forwarded to the District Attorney's office for review once the investigation is finished," the Danville Police Department said in a statement.

However, a friend of Blackburn's also contacted the town's mayor and obtained different information. He stated that an email response from the Mayor's Office indicated an arrest was made and charges were filed.

Blackburn wants his assailant behind bars and wants to feel secure while running errands in his own community.

"I think people need to speak up and get the prosecutor's office involved and say, 'We are fed up with all of this happening, and we want you to help us instead of letting all these people go,'" Blackburn said.

Blackburn stated that his attacker drove a white Toyota Corolla and had a scruffy gray beard.

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