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Stranded Window Washers Rescued From 42nd Story Of Manhattan Building

Despite being trapped 42 stories above the ground, two Manhattan window washers who were rescued on Friday were said to be "the calmest people on the scene."

That's the word from New York Fire Department Lieutenant John McCann, who was part of the crew called out to the scene shortly after 8 a.m.

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Two workers, who'd been tasked with washing the windows of a skyscraper on Fifth Avenue, had become stranded when their scaffolding stopped working, he says... But while such a rescue might seem harrowing, McCann says it was "a smooth operation."

Firefighters simply took an elevator to the 42nd floor, cut a big hole in the glass window and pulled the workers inside.

"With a beautiful day like this, we were able to get a very good size up from the ground," McCann said. "We had a chief on the ground, I believe we have some drone footage, so life was pretty good for us."

Read the full story on WABC TV.

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