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California City Considers Killing Geese After Getting Buried In Poop

After trying to ward off intruders with strobe lights, fences and dogs, officials in one California city are preparing to take their fight against a flock of Canadian geese to a lethal level.


Photo: Getty Images

Foster City has been overrun by the fowl, which have been leaving cars, buildings and even residents covered in goose poop in recent months. So they've applied for a population control permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which would allow them to exterminate the excrement-dropping birds.

However, the plan has sparked a whole new conflict in the city -- with animal activists.

"The geese, they are wildlife, this is their land too," says Erik Allen, a member of the group Direct Action Everywhere. "They are part of the scenery; they are part of Foster City. And they don’t have to kill them."

But city officials don't agree...

"Foster City is considering the lethal removal of a limited number of geese due to an obligation to maintain healthy waterways and inviting parks," a spokesman says.

Check out the full story on Fox News.

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