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Nestle Flies In Formula To Help U.S. Shortage

Nestle is helping out with the ongoing baby formula shortage.

The company is transporting Gerber brand formula from the Netherlands, and Alfamino formula from Switzerland, to bring into the United States.

A spokesperson with Nestle said, “Both products were already being imported so we were able to act quickly. We moved shipments up and rushed via air to help fill immediate needs."

However, they did not specify how much formula is being shipped to the United States.


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"The White House is having ongoing conversations with the four major infant formula manufacturers – Reckitt, Abbott, Nestle/Gerber, and Perrigo," the Biden Administration said on Monday. "To work with them to identify transportation, logistical, and supplier hurdles to increasing production of formula at their US- and FDA-approved facilities, to expand the amount and speed of FDA-approved formula being shipped into the country, and ensure that formula is quickly moving to retailers from factories."

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