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Dirt is the New Black

Coming from someone who is quite fond of sneakers and sneaker culture, I can say that a "dirty sneaker" is evident that the lifespan of a shoe is on a rapidly approaching horizon.

Sneakers are measured on their quote-on-quote “freshness,” the cleaner the shoe the higher the value.

Now hear me when I say this, how much would you pay for the shoes off of your friends feet?

Note: These shoes have been worn multiple times and have signs of obvious scuffle.

You’d probably pay $30 - $60 depending on the shoe brand...However, legendary and nowadays infamous luxury brand Gucci, wants to sell you these “Pre-dirtied Sneakers.” 

These shoes come in four different colorways and features fan favorite signs of wear and tear such as dirt marks,stains and yellowing of the midsole.

Are you already turned off? Wait, you haven’t even heard the price yet!

Gucci will be selling these sneakers at the disrespectful price of $870 plus tax.

I think it’s safe to say that the older generations will steer clear of this ridiculous shoe for this offensive price. However, will the fashionable Millennials and Generation Z’ers fall for this laughable stunt.

“Only if they look good with some ripped up jeans.”

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