Firefighters Climb 110 Floors In Full Gear To Honor 9/11 Victims

(Photo: Chelsea Renee Farmer, Facebook)

A woman at a gym in Warner Robins, Georgia saw quite the tribute to those we lost in the Sept. 11 attacks when she noticed two firefighters in full gear on the stair machine next to her.

Chelsea Renee Farmer says they started right at 8:46 a.m., which was the moment the first plane hit the North Tower just 17 years ago today.

She posted a short video as well as photos of the inspiring moment on her Facebook page:


Farmer also added that the two heroes climbed all 110 stories, and then again back down!

As of this afternoon, the Facebook post has been shared over 280,000 times.

Check out other amazing tributes that happened today, like this bald eagle that joined in on a ceremony in Minnesota.

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