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Snoop Dogg To Publish "Cannabis-Free" Cookbook

What sound does Snoop Dogg listen for when he's cooking bacon?

The Sizzle.

Boy, oh boy - great news!  It's just been announced that Snoop Dogg, the Godfather of G-Funk, will be releasing his own cookbook on October 23rd.

The book, penned "From Crook To Cook," will feature 50 recipes from the Long Beach legend and focus on  “snacks to satisfy those munchies" - per Snoop himself.  And let's be real here, if I were to buy a cookbook, it would probably be this one:

And just like that, with a single tweet, the man has single-handedly given us the coolest cookbook cover of all time.

"You know it’s blazin’ up in my kitchen. I’m takin’ the cookbook game higher with a dipped and whipped collection of my favorite recipes, ya dig?" - Snoop Dogg

Can't argue with you there, Mr. Dogg!

Contrary to expectations, the book will NOT be a THC (ie marijuana)-laced spectacular.  In fact, the aim is to curb the hunger of sober folk.  

But who are we kidding, there's not really any food or food source that escapes the deep, red eyes of the inebriated.

Interested in getting your hands on Snoop's first foray into the world of cookbooks?  

Check out www.snoopdoggcookbook.chroniclebooks.com for purchase info. 

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