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VIDEO! Big Boy's Big Crash

Our very own Big Boy of iHeart Media's 92.3 Morning show The Real'sthe hugely popular Big Boy's Neighborhood' was hit in the rear by a drunk-vodka-drinking driver in Calabasas. Matter-of-fact when Big Boy got out he tried to attack the driver, but friends held him back until he calmed down.

The driver just sat in the car and kept drinking a bottle of vodka until police took him out of car.

  • TMZ reported that the driver was identified as "Michael Pettersen, a prosecutor with the L.A. County D.A.'s Office who's been on a leave of absence since January 1, 2017".


  • The accident happened Tuesday around 2 PM, Big Boy was driving his beautiful Nissan Armada when all of a sudden - he was hit in the rear! 

TMZ cameras were across the street and you can here Big Boy say-

"He just crashed into me and he's in the car drinking" - "He is still in the car, still drinking!"


  • The nice police officer arrived and when he pulled the driver from his BMW -oops- his pants fell down around his ankles. As he tried to make it to the squad car -oops- he fell down...down goes driver!
  • The driver was taken to a local hospital for a check-up and blood alcohol tests.

Big Boy told TMZ he attacked the driver that just plowed into him, but his friends held him back and he calmed down. 

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