5 people charged w trafficking $73 million in counterfeit Nike Air Jordans

You never know what you may be buying these days.  

  • Five people have been charged in New York with trafficking in counterfeit Nike Air Jordans, sneakers that, if authentic, would have been worth $73 million, according to the NYPD and Homeland Security Investigations. 
  • The counterfeit sneakers look just like real Air Jordans in design and color but lack the logos that are registered trademarks.  



  • In the last eight months, investigators inspected nearly 27,000 pairs of sneakers before charging the five people. 
  • For the last two years the counterfeiting ring has shipped 42 containers full of these generic sneakers that would retail for $190 per pair, court records said.
  • Nike has released a different model almost every year since they were first introduced in 1984.

Photo Credit: Getty Images 

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