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L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell

L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell covers a lot of territory with Tim in his monthly studio visit. They kick things off by getting to the heart of community relations. Tim wants to know when did the public and law enforcement start having issues getting along. It's a big question, obviously, but McDonnell knows there's work to do so that his force has the support they need from the community to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Yeah, and that just gets things kicked off!

Tim and Sheriff McDonnell talk straight about the numbers of shootings reported and how they could be more or less than what is actually on paper. McDonnell talks about the #BREAKING news of the death of Thomas Kim, the man accused of murdering Long Beach Fire Captain David Rosa. 

McDonnell breaks down what the new $2.2 billion dollar jail is for and why he believes it was about time for it.

August 7th, tomorrow, is National Night Out, an annual event meant to strengthen a bond between police departments and the communities they protect! Neighborhoods host block parties, festivals, parades, cookouts and various other community events with safety demonstrations, seminars, youth events, visits from emergency personnel, exhibits and much, much more.

Sheriff McDonnell says there will be over 40 different community gatherings tomorrow night all over SoCal.

Click below for many of those locations:

San Fernando Valley Areas

Gatherings LA, OC, etc. 

To hear the full interview, click below!

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