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710 Connector Ramp Demolished. Kris Ankarlo has the Details.

They’re tearing down a big chunk of concrete in Long Beach, the old 710 connector to the Gerald Desmond Bridge. This week was chosen specifically for the work thanks to light commuter and port traffic.

Our very own Kris Ankarlo, hard-hat and all had VIP access to the construction site. Here is Kris with the details.

Today was demolition day for the Gerald Desmond Bridge project, and KFI's reporter Kris Ankarlo (@KrisAnkarlo on twitter) was on-hand and in hat to get us all the details.

Here is how it will affect you-

Crews are removing an elevated ramp that connects eastbound Ocean Blvd. to the northbound 710 freeway. The demolition of the freeway connector is part of the replacement for this very old Gerald Desmond Bridge. Construction of this bridge started in 1965 and and ended in 1968, it was time to replace it.

Detours & Traffic 

The 710 freeway ramp closure means that more trucks will need to use the roads and that congestion will start this Saturday. So expect to see more truck drivers using Pico Avenue and Route 47.

The fancy new bridge with 

The bridge will have a pedestrian walkway, bicycle path and scenic overlooks.  They have also extended the deck so its over 200 feet above water which will allow cargo ships better clearance.

FUN FACT: THe two towers are also being raised over 500 feet, and this will make it this the second-tallest cable-stayed bridge in the U.S.

When will it be finished? Port of Long Beach spokesman Lee Peterson says "the new Gerald Desmond is expected to be completed by the end of 2019".

  • The towers are being built with higher seismic standards.
  • The cost could reach $1.5 Billion.
  • Experts expect this new bridge to last 100 years. 

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