My Father's War: Memories from Our Honored WWII Soldiers

We all know someone who was there, in World War II--probably a close relative, such as a father, brother, uncle, or grandparent. Most of us have hardly heard their stories about their young war years. We may have been afraid to ask about their stories, and they may assume we don't want to know. But this was such an important life-changer, with certain death and torture on the line every day--waking up every morning for days and years without their families close by, constant battles going on, and amazing destruction. It was for us they fought, so we should know their stories.

In this stirring collection of first-person narratives by WWII veterans, Charley Valera opens readers' eyes to the story of how young, ordinary people from modest backgrounds became incredible soldiers, fighting a nasty, close battle that ranged from dropping bombs on barely visible targets to hand-to-hand combat--even fistfights. Perhaps some of the stories aren't exactly how events transpired, but they do capture exactly how each person remembers them.

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