Dramatic Police Chase Ends in Head-On Crash in Arizona


A high-speed police chase that went some 60 miles on freeways in the Phoenix area before the suspect went through an intersection. The suspect was driving a SUV and hit head-another car. The SUV rolled a dozen times then the suspect climbed out of  the SUV and tried blending in with the few bystanders, until they told on him. Police tackled him into a cactus.


  • The suspect Mitchell Timothy Taebel, 31, suffered minor injuries, he was arrested at gunpoint by state troopers - you know after the cactus-thing!
  • The driver of the second vehicle, a 47-year-old woman, was transported to a hospital, she is expected to survive, according to officials.
  • Taebel, who has a California driver's license, has an extensive criminal record in several states.
Tim Conway Jr

Tim Conway Jr

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