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Santa Clarita man saves lost dog from a pack of coyotes

A good Samaritan made a brave rescue when he spotted a lost dog surrounded by a pack of aggressive coyotes near his home in Santa Clarita. The rescuer, Alex Siggins, was outside with his children when they spotted the 5-year-old pooch named Umi in danger. 

Siggins described the chilling event that was about to unfold as his children burst into tears:

“We see three coyotes sprint down. Hit the dog with -- basically head-butt the dog. The dog goes rolling down the hill."

He felt he needed to do something and hiked down barefoot towards the frightened dog and coyotes:

“I thought they (coyotes) would’ve backed down right away. But ... every time I turned around, they (coyotes) were stalking me if you will."

Siggins was able to save Umi from the predators and bring her to safety. 

Umi was reunited with her owner, Louise Songco, who happened to live three miles from Siggins. 

Songco said:

“She is very lucky to be alive. I can't thank them enough for coming and saving her so. I'm just really happy they took care of her."

Umi had been missing for two days prior to the rescue. 

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