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Mondo's Monday Movie Review

Tech Director Mondo with "Mondo's Monday Movie Review"!


This week I will be reviewing Kedi.

If you're a cat person then you will definitely love this movie. Kedi takes place in Istanbul and follows seven cats roam the city. You get to learn about each one of these these cats and how they spend their day. It was very interesting see what kind of diet these cats have. There was one cat who only eats blue fish and another who ate smoked turkey with smoked cheese!

The documentary interviews people that care for these cats and how they have impacted their lives. This was the most moving part of the film. One fisherman was in a very dark space in his life but a cat showed up and saved his life.

I'm not a cat person but after watching this film I have been watching more Garfield cartoons. If you have a chance check this movie. Check out screenings HERE.

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The soundtrack to this movie was purrfect. You have to check out of the tracks below!

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