Most Congested Traffic? Guess Who?


Like we didn't already know this, but it's official. 

  1. California spent 104 hours each driving in congestion during peak travel periods last year. 
  2. That topped second-place Moscow at 91 hours 
  3. And third-place New York at 89, (according to a traffic scorecard compiled by Inrix, a transportation analytics firm).

The U.S. had half the cities on Inrix's list of the top 10 most congested areas in the world and was the most congested developed country on the planet, Inrix found. 

  • U.S. drivers averaged 42 hours per year in traffic during peak times. 
  • San Francisco was the fourth-most congested city
  • Bogota, Colombia, was fifth
  • Sao Paulo ranked sixth
  • And London, Atlanta, Paris and Miami rounded out the top 10.

Being stuck in traffic cost the average U.S. driver $1,400 last year and nearly $300 billion for all drivers nationwide, Inrix said.

Tim Conway Jr

Tim Conway Jr

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